Cutting Plotter > Introduction Course

The introduction course provides the basics for operating the Cutting plotter. The participants get to know the entire process to cut their own objects. By participating, you will receive an official permission to use independently the Cutting plotter in the FabLab in the future.

In our FabLab we have Aristo Cutting plotter. It has a clear-cut design, work surface easily accessible from all sides, extremely robust traverse bridge and most efficient matrix-vacuum. It can cut through material and you can control the cut deepness. Cut lines must be available as vector graphics (path, curve).


  • How does a Cutting plotter work?
  • How do you cut?
  • Which materials can be processed?
  • Which file formats are suitable?
  • Which programs can be used?
  • How is the Cutting plotter operated?
  • How to prepare a correct file for the Cutting plotter software?
  • Which security guidelines have to be observed?

Maximum participants: 10

Minimum participants: 3

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