3D Printer > Introduction Course

The introduction course teaches the basics of 3D printing. The participants get to know the entire process to create their own objects with a 3D printer and the material they can use. In the course are presented the general safety information and important data for working with the softwares for 3D printing. By participating, you will receive an official permission to use independently the 3D printers in the FabLab in the future.


  • How does 3D printing work?
  • What materials can be printed?
  • What is Infill & Shell Thickness?
  • What is Supports and Overhangs?
  • What you can do in Post Processing?
  • What is the general safety information?
  • Which file formats are suitable?
  • Operation of the 3D printer?
  • 3D Printers in our FabLab

Maximum participants: 10

Minimum participants: 3

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