The OpenLab is a regular format in which the FabLab OWL is available for everyone to get to know and try new technologies. During the OpenLab, the machines in the FabLab can be used to start your own projects and to exchange ideas with other technology enthusiasts. Machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, cutter plotter, virtual reality, arduino, CNC milling and electronics can be used to implement your own projects and ideas.

If you want to do something that takes a long time, for example 3D printing over five or more hours, write us an email to info Then we look to see if we can accommodate this on another day or as an overnight print so that the device is not continuously occupied by one person during the OpenLab Day.

If you do not yet have a clear idea of what a FabLab is, please visit one of our introduction courses (dates can be found in the calendar). There you will learn everything important about the concept of the FabLab and the devices.