The FabLab Detmold is open with a reduced operation.

The service at this time is available only for thesis students (Bachelor and Master) and for selected courses.

The university is still closed for students, therefore the service will be remote: FabLab tutors will be in the lab two days a week and will cut or print the files sent by the students. The students can then pick-up the cut or printed parts at a scheduled time.

To simplify the operation, small amounts of Finnpappe and 3D printer material will be ordered directly through FabLab. For wood materials, please contact the wood workshop.

Students that belong to the selected groups can send a request to detmold@fablab-owl.de.
Please describe in detail the work you need to be done. This includes an overview about what kind of material and thickness, how many files or sheets need to be cut, etc. Please check our machines page for information on what can be done and how to prepare your files.

Additional to the e-mail, upload the files to be cut or printed on ILIAS in FABLAB OWL Detmold > Datensammlung Aufträge FabLab > 1. Files from students. Use the following name structure for the file: your-full-name_ilias-username_matrikel-number. 

We will do our best to analyse all the requests and reply as soon as possible. But we ask for your patience and comprehension, as it is not possible to calculate at this time the amount of requests and if the reduced operation will be enough. We will try to make adjustments as they are necessary.

Your FabLab Detmold team